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94 straight minutes of PURE battery power
The Ultimate Battery Power belt allows you to work more efficiently with fewer interruptions thereby increasing production, work output and ultimately your bottom line.

The UBP provides hours of continuous battery power and rest conveniently around your waist or on your back while allowing full range of motion. After using it for a few minutes, you'll hardly notice it's there!

Watch the Ultimate Battery Power in action!
Stop wasting time and smart. not hard.
The UBP will allow you to get more work done in less time. The UBP works for a solid 1.5 hours at full throttle! Now, we know no one works that way but this means you can go a full 6 hours before needing to swap batteries.

So stop wasting time and money on power management.The UBP gives you the most efficient power storage device in the world.

Watch the Ultimate Battery Power in action!
Harder. Faster. Stronger. Longer. do it right. once.
The UBP stores the equivalent of 3.5 normal size power tool batteries. You'll have enough staying power to finish the job right and take your time cleaning up. Finishing jobs faster means you can go get more jobs sooner. More jobs = more money.

Watch the Ultimate Battery Power in action!

NiCd Batteries are better for Cordless Tools

October 01, 2011

Everyone knows that NiCd batteries develop a memory situation after recharging many times but did you know that NiCd batteries offer the highest Discharge rate to cordless power tools which then can provide more power to the tool when you need it.

The problem with the factory tool batteries is that they have a low capacity of

1500 mAh to 2400 mAh which if you are using the tools on a consistent basis then you need to recharge more frequently which then shortens the overall life of the batteries.

The UBP Battery pack is 5000 mAh and will run 2 to 3 times longer before you have to recharge which means the life and the memory situation of the batteries is extended 2 to 3 times since they are both NiCd’s and both have 800 recharge cycles.

So when you compare battery prices look at capacity and life expectancy before you decide look at this chart to see the comparison.

Dewalt 18v XRP 2400 mAh Avg Price $55.00 800 Charging Cycles

Ryobi 18v NiCd  1500 mAh Avg Price $30.00 800 Charging Cycles

Example if you currently charge 5 times a week then life expectancy is 160 weeks under ideal conditions.

UBP Battery Pack18v Pack 5000 mAh Avg Price $199.00 800 Charging Cycles

Example compared to the Dewalt you would only have to charge 2 times a week then your life expectancy would be 400 weeks under ideal conditions.

Everyone’s experience is different depending on usage so when you compare pricing please take into consideration battery capacity and recharge cycles/life expectancy before making your decision.

Dewalt Avg Price $55.00 It will take 2 batteries to equal the UBP capacity

Times 2 $110.00

Times 4 Batteries $220.00 On life Expectancy

Ryobi Avg Price $30.00 It will take 4 batteries to equal the UBP capacity

Times 4 $120.00

Times 8 Batteries $240.00 On life Expectancy




The Ultimate Battery Power is the ultimate power trip!

  • Quadruples one 18V battery!

  • Reduces well over a pound off of any tool!

  • Increases the average run time from 27 minutes continuous to a staggering 94 minutes that relates to the whole day for a heavy user and multiple days for the light user!

  • You can run your entire tool arsenal!

  • You can run most 18volt cordless tools you own 18v Dewalt, Ryobi, Craftsman, Makita and B&D!

  • It has it own small designed charger.


The Ultimate Battery power is the ultimate power trip.

All that power, and an excellent value to boot! THE ULTIMATE POWERTRIP has 3.5 times the power of other batteries (5000 mAH) and the advantage of our padded belt/backpack. Our belt/backpack has a tool and cell phone pouch, tool clip, and tool safety lanyard for around the price of 3 of their batteries.

Moreover, THE ULTIMATE POWERTRIP can run your entire tool arsenal! With the  ULTIMATE POWERTRIP's add-on delivery adapters, Dewalt, Ryobi, Craftsman, Makita, B&D. THE ULTIMATE POWERTRIP uses a small compact charger.

The Ultimate Battery power is the ultimate power trip.